Currently, IDESA has an R+D Department which looks for new markets and new opportunities for diversification in accordance with the global market’s current demand.  This department has managed and executed projects, principally based on the development of new products for the growing markets and the development of solutions and technology for improving manufacturing processes.

The effort that IDESA has put into R+D has gained us an advantageous position with respect to both the national and European averages. It is an active member of the first Innovation Business Group recognized by the Industrial Ministry in Asturias (Manufacturias).

Likewise, IDESA is a sponsor of IDONEAL.



IDESA’s Innovation is the development engine that improves our competitiveness and excellence in the metallurgical sector in a globalized sector and a very competitive market. The company values and prioritized innovation as a strategic line of growth and consolidation in the market.

Thanks to the collaboration with entities such as FICYT, IDEPA, CDTI and the European Commission, IDESA´s innovation activity has earned us a reputation within the main innovation entities both regionally and nationally, and even on an international level.

Development of a steel photo-bioreactor for algae growth

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Development of a steel photo-bioreactor for algae growth

Engineering services for convective heat exchanger

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Engineering services for convective heat exchanger

Engineering consultancy services for reviewing, completing and updating of the Structural Design Cri

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Engineering consultancy services for reviewing, completing and updating of the Structural Design Cri


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Joints-off "applied research in new low cost jackets contruction and long life for offshore wind str

Engineering for new industrial manufacturing process for graphene-based inks by exfoliation and redu

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Engineering for new industrial manufacturing process for graphene-based inks by exfoliation and redu

Engineering, procurement and construction of new modular plant for bioplastic production

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Engineering, procurement and construction of new modular plant for bioplastic production

Financed projects

Automation and optimisation of the production process to improve the operational management and productivity of the plant.

 Improvement of productivity and optimization of IDESA´s production process through a higher degree of automation and control of the entire value chain. The aim is to convert IDESA´s production plant into a digital factory by implementing new technologies related to Industry 4.0 such as sensors, Big Data and IoT in the production process.



This project has the following objectives:

  • To generate a regional structure that will enable Asturias to strengthen and position itself as a benchmark in the field of renewable hydrogen based on its research fabric. To this end, a diagnosis of the region´s positioning in the field of renewable hydrogen technology will be carried out, based on both technological and non-technological aspects.
  • To enable and reinforce the capacity of Asturian industry to access a new and potential market niche such as the production, storage and use of renewable hydrogen. Therewith, a technological roadmap will be established to define a regional strategy to be followed in relation to hydrogen technologies, aligned in turn with national and European agendas, based on the region´s capabilities (economic, social, technological and industrial).
  • Facilitate the introduction of hydrogen as a clean and renewable energy source in the new regional energy model.
  • Study of materials and engineering in the field of hydrogen and its relationship with the value chain, through the development of an empirical test, at laboratory level, on the analysis of the behaviour of steel in the presence of hydrogen and its application in service.



Production planning by means of optimisation algorithms and automatic learning.

The project consists of automating the process from the collection of data from the industrial company´s systems to the creation of a query API that allows predictions of times and related costs for industrial processes to be made. Important Asturian companies and  METAINDUSTRY4 cluster are participating in the project, thanks to funding from the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism through the programme of aid for Innovative Business Groups.


Development of a fully automated NARROW GAP (narrow joint) submerged arc welding installation using sensors and communication software to allow remote control of the installation. Also the study of the process parameters for depositing a single pass per layer (solution of higher theoretical productivity) ensuring the quality of joints at full penetration, with full penetration of the weld sean of full penetration joints in structural steels for pressure applications.


Implementation of savings measures, energy diversification and efficiency, installation of LED lightings outside IDEFAB.

Changing the installation consists of replacing the current lighting system with a conventional system of luminaires, with an LED system, which means the energy efficiency of the outdoor lighting system.


Implementation of savings measures, energy diversification and efficiency, replacement of a compressor

Purchase of an ATLAS COPCO OIL INJECTION SCREW COMPRESSOR from Atlas Copco, model GA75 L VSD+ with increased energy efficiency to replace an existing compressor


Design and development of an advanced data analysis platform for non-serial production planning in industrial companies (PALADÍN)

The main objective of this project is the design and development of a prototype of an advanced data analysis platform, based on automatic learning models built automatically (autoML), which enables the planning of non-serial production in industrial companies and allows the identification of possible ways of improvement to plan these production processes in an optimal way.



Study of the distortions caused by the hardfacing process of head (semielliptical 2:1 and semi-spherical) and shell with different diameters, thicknesses, and number of layers of deposited hardfacing material, using numerical simulation techniques. The objective of this study is to know in advance the distortions that will allow IDESA´s welding personnel to make decisions regarding the sequence of execution of the hardfacing and the adjustment of the process parameters to minimize distortions.

Software solution capable of tracking the welding activities carried out on the equipment. (WELDINGMATE)

Development of software that can be integrated into the company´s ERP, and which carries out traceability of welding procedures, from the materials used, through the welders involved and the processes that are carried out, to the traceability of non-destructive tests carried out on the welds and equipment (visual inspection, penetrating liquids, magnetic particle inspection, ultrasounds...). This software is linked to the task system and the planning system included in the ERP, as well as other programs, such as the TWI (welding) and Nubia (quality).


Application of artificial intelligence for planning production in the metal industry

The objective is the design and development the software of advanced data analysis, it is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms, which facilitate the planning of production in the field of industrial companies, and it allow to identify the possible parties the improvement of productive services optimally.


IDESA - Development of iot system for obtainment and explotation of welding process data in heavy boilermaking (iot-sol)

The objective of this process is the development of a system refer about Internet of Things, it has to be capacity for extract the information that it is given for the equipment in the differents points for productive process, for the analysis and explotation.



Installation of an Internet of Things platform (IoT) integrated within the LED lighting system allowing the location of any equipment due to the connectivity between the intelligent sensors and the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) labels installed to know the location of the equipmen

Offshore Wind Energy London 6-8 June 2017 – Company Mission.

Subsidy granted to Ingeniería y Diseño Europeo S.A. for the attendance to the congress of "Offshore Wind Energy" on the dates 6-8 June 2017.
Attendance at the conference has a commercial advantage for the company, which has been maintained with other companies in the sector, which may lead to an expansion of our portfolio of customers and partners for this market.

This project has been financed by “Gobierno del Principado de Asturias”.


IDESA - Developed Project: SOLDABOT

Development of a robotic welding project for the petrochemical sector. Analysis of new welding technologies to make the joints by welding of these connections, flange-ferrule s of pressure equipment, and ultimately robotization / automation of the productive system centered on multi-pass welds big thickness. 


Developed Project: IDEsec – Algorithms applied research in identifying anomalies in activity patterns of work in cofined spaces.

The IDEsec project aims to investigate in a new algorithm of signal processing that can help predict and anticipate critical situations that could occur in heavyweight and metalworking industry inside confined spaces of pressure equipment.

The project has been co-financed by: 


Objective: Modeling, design and laboratory validation of a small-scale model of a new OWC system. It will be necessary to study hydrodynamic performance in terms of energy conversion efficiency, as well as engineering and control of the new valve system. 

The project was co-financed by: 

TERRA Project: New concept of thermosolar plant with open receiver tower

TERRA Project places as main goal the design and development of a new generation of central receiver solar plant more competitive, more efficient and more stable, consolidating the position of Spain as leader in thermosolar technology at international level.
IDESA participation is centered in the development of new models of storage tanks, volumetric receiver and regenerators.

The project was co-financed by: 



MICO2NACAR project aims to the adaptation, development and start-up of a microalgae cultivation system, extraction and nanoencapsulation of high-added value compounds of microalgal origin. More precisely, one of the main goals in the project consists on the adaptation, development and start-up of a modular and portable photobioreactor (based on its patent WO2013132117), for the cultivation of microalgae dedicated to human consumption, along with an supercritical CO2 extraction system of extracts of microalgae origin, in this case, extraction of fatty acids omega-3 to be subsequently micro and/or nanoencapsulated. This equipment will be modular and easily applicable into the food industry.


IDESA ENERGY - Project Developed 

The objective was the development of a virtual reality system for the modular plants design in chemical and petrochemical industries.

The project was co-financed by FEDER and IDEPA.

IDESA - Individual Project - Show and Know.

IDESA internationalization project in the Middle East.

Financed by:

IDESA FABRICATION- Project Developed, file IDE/2014/000231: " Systems of handling and support of large equipment for its heat treatment".

The main objective of the project was the design and development of a support system to large equipment, able to withstand the thermal treatment of the same without redicing its dimensional integrity.

The project was co-financed for FEDER and IDEPA.

IDESA INDUSTRIAL PLANTS - New Roll-to-Roll platform for the manufacture of microfluidic devices (R2RMAN).

The objective of this project was to develop a new productive process based on roll-to-roll technologies for the manufacture of a new generation of portable devices "lab-on-a-chip" or pocket laboratory, miniaturized, low cost and over flexible substrate.

The project was co-financed by:


IDESA - Developed Project: COMPITEM2.

Development for industrial competitiveness in the stages of the productive life cycle of the metal-mechanical sector.
The project focuses on the development of technological and innovative solutions for a series of unresolved problems in the metal-mechanical sector in relation to the limitations associated with industrial facilities and the size of the products. Through this project will try to solve the problem of locating and positioning in these wide areas, the provision of materials, manufacturing systems and people and even, not allow the manufacturing systems (welding, cutting, bending , etc.) position itself with respect to the piece to be manufactured (of large dimensions).


IDESA ENERGY - Project Developed, file IE14-110: "New research concept of solar receiver for S-CO2".

The project´s objective was the genetation of necessary knowledge to address the development of a new type of central receiver for solar thermal power plants, specifically to use carbon dioxide as a superheating fluid in supercritical conditions, in order to obtain maximum energy efficiency and an optimized manufacturing cost. 

The project was co-financed by the Science, Technology and Innovation Plan of the Principality of Asturias (PCTI) and the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER).

IDESA FABRICATION - Project Developed, filed IE14-020: “Conformation of large volumes by gripping with variable geometry matrices”.

The project´s objective was to generate the necessary knowledge to approach the development of a new plastic deformation forming technique based on a new concept of variable geometry matrix, in order to increase the productivity of the process of making funds and segments, parts of the large pressure equipment, and its manufacturing cost is optimized.

The project was co-financed by the Science, Technology and Innovation Plan of the Principality of Asturias (PCTI) and the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER).


JOINTS-OFF project aims at the knowledge generation and the development of new offshore structures, low-cost and high-durable. Reduction of manufacturing costs will be achieved avoiding welded joints in the structure. For that tensegrity as well as minimal surface concepts will be applied to the design of the new jacket. High-durability will be assured by means of modifications and reformulations of paints (base of acrilic polyurethane) which avoid colonization and growth of algae and crustaceans. This also slows down biocorrosion in the structure.


Development of a demostration olant of cogeneration from biomass in the form of complete pacas of forest waste.

The LIFE BIOBALE project has been funded by the European Commission through the Life + Program.

IDESA - 2011 Competitiveness Plan aimed at improving the sustainability and efficiency of its production processes.

It has been financed by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

IDESA FABRICATION - 2011 Competitiveness Plan aimed at improving the sustainability and efficiency of its production processes.

It has been financed by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.


The main objective of the Project is to develop a process that allows the use of CO2 present in the resulting gases from the combustion of natural gas during normal operation in a combined cycle plant for prevention and control of macrofouling produced at the cooling systems. In this way, it is avoided the use of derived compounds from chlorine while avoiding CO2 emissions into atmosphere. 


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