Idesa is committed to health and safety, the environment, quality, RD&I and client satisfaction. 


Our mission is based on creating value for our clients, employees and shareholders, providing competitive engineering solutions, products and services for the Oil & Gas & Petrochemical sectors. To meet our commitment, we take the following actions: 


a)Prioritize safety, health and well-being of the people affected by our activity
b)Contribute to sustainable development, minimizing the impact of our activity on the environment
c)Achieve the highest quality standard, through continuous improvement of our processes
d)Pursue client’s satisfaction, providing competitive solutions to their requirements and needs
e)Maintain ethical conduct and compliance with all applicable regulations to our activities and other requirements we endorse
f)Promote innovative and productive thinking
g)Encourage team work, promoting communication, participation, training, information and awareness at all levels
h)Consolidate a network of clients and suppliers that contributes to create mutual value


The core values that guide us are: safety, environment, quality, client focus, ethical conduct, innovation, technological capability, reliability and team work.


Our policy is communicated to, understood and applied by our employees and those who work on our behalf. Furthermore,it is the frame of reference that we use to establish our objectives.



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