ODS 2030

IDESA declares its firm commitment to health and safety, respect for the environment, continuous quality improvement and research and development of its products and services seeking to provide high-added value solutions to its clients.


Through the following strategic action lines, IDESA contributes to a more sustainable world, providing competitive engineering, manufacturing, and services solutions:

• Safety first. Prioritising health, safety and well-being of all affected by our activities. Eliminating all hazards and
keeping risks under control through the use of appropriate means and training. Goal: zero accidents or incidents.
• Environmental care. Contribute to a sustainable development while minimising the effect of our activities
on the environment.
• Quality Excellence. Strive for the continuous improvement of all management and manufacturing processes.
Goal: zero defects
• High added value: Execution of singular projects that require high technical know-how and experience, providing competitive solutions to clients
• Innovation: Encourage productive and innovative thinking among all employees and partners
• Client focus: Dedication to client needs; strive to meet their requirements throughout the project. Not only thinking about our product or service, but about what client needs.

Our strategy lines are based on consultation, communication, collaboration, training, information, and awareness, rising at all levels complying with applicable legislation and any other voluntary commitment made.

IDESA’s core values, as noted above, guide its relationship with every stakeholder: passion, ethical conduct, reliability, commitment, technological capability, and teamwork.

IDESA’s policy is communicated, understood, required, and applied to its employees and all other people working on its behalf. It is also the reference framework used for the establishment of its goals.

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