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IDESA, at the forefront of manufacturing in Asturias.

IDESA, at the forefront of manufacturing in Asturias.

IDESA is one of the world´s leading manufacturers of capital equipment for the Oil & Gas industry, while offering shutdown and repair services for this sector. One of the reasons for this achievement is the extensive experience in innovation and commitment to new technologies.

IDESA remains at the forefront of research and development in manufacturing technologies with its own developments, betting on research in new industrial processes, welding processes, new materials and innovative solutions in control and regulation systems of industry 4.0.
Its strategy is focused on the innovation of its processes and the products it manufactures. Thus, it has a solid knowledge in manufacturing technologies, due to its participation in several projects for the development of innovative solutions.

In the area of process innovation, IDESA is currently undertaking the digitalization of the company, implementing a new PLM system that will structure in an integral way from the design of its products and supplies, to the planning and production of the company. In addition, it has initiatives underway to develop a digital twin of both its plant and some of the equipment it manufactures. It also has several projects linked to Industry 4.0 related to sensorization of its critical machinery, data analysis and process automation.

In the field of renewable energies, the company was one of the pioneers in Asturias when it joined the value chain of one of the most booming sectors, offshore wind energy, with the manufacture of different types of substructures. It has also participated in other research projects related to solar energy, biomass, CO2 capture and hydrogen installations.

Research in new materials is of vital importance in its sector, since developing equipment with materials that provide new features, weight reductions, improvements in mechanical resistance or corrosion resistance means in many cases a reduction in costs from which its customers can benefit.

IDESA, together with 31 other entities from all over Europe, is currently participating in the PeneloPe R&D&I project, which is part of the H2020 program, and which aims to implement a precise, accurate and flexible digital manufacturing architecture, from the initial design of the product to its final delivery.
Simultaneously, it participates in other projects such as Idepa´s OPEN INNOVATION, with the development of software capable of monitoring welding processes and non-destructive testing.

Other notable projects are those carried out with SERESCO, to adapt its NUBIA platform to the elaboration and automation of quality documentation; with IZERTIS and ITURCEMI, to improve the sensors of its production center, and the development of a support tool for better planning and management of internal movements. In short, research, development and innovation are basic pillars in IDESA´s continuous improvement process.


Resource: Asturiasninnova+, El Comercio, 04 December 2020

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