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Manufacturing of Capital Goods

Since its beginnings in 1993, IDESA has focused its main activity in the manufacture of capital goods for the Oil & Gas sector. In 1997, it opened its first manufacturing workshop allowing the supply equipment of much larger dimensions and weight.


IDESA owns 33,500 m2 of covered area in the P.E.P.A. in Aviles dedicated to manufacturing of equipment of large dimension and high added value.


Its privileged location next to the Port of Aviles allows IDESA to respond to any needs in the Oil & Gas industry.


For all above, IDESA is currently one of the leading suppliers in the n the fabrication of large and critical equipment such as:


IDESA is committed to the Energy Transition, and in view of the emergence of new clean and green energies, Idesa begins the manufacture of:


IDESA supplies fully dressed equipment according to the needs of its customers.

  • internals/ trays installed,
  • refractory installed and dried,
  • insulation,
  • fireproofing
  • intumescent paint
  • Platforms & ladders manufactured and installed.

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