FCC TAR 2019 – Petronor Muskiz

In 2018, IDIP resulted awarded for the execution of the FCC turnaround that was scheduled for January 2019 in Petronor Muskiz Refinery (Spain). The contract scope included the required repairs and modifications to the FCC reactor, associated lines and adjacent equipment.

The major tasks in the turnaround were the replacement of the complete riser, which was made in three different sections, the substitution of the complete overhead line from the separator plenum to the main colum and the installation of the RegenMax in the regenerator.

Apart from the above, the dustbowls of the secondary cyclones in the separator and in the regenerator, the lower section of the standpipe, three air grids in the regenerator and PV1 and PV2 were replaced. The bottom of the regenerator was rebuilt to its thickness by means of FCAW overlay.

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