FCC TAR Galp 2018

In 2018, IDIP was awarded by Galp Energia of a contract for the installation of a new catalyst cooler and the overhauling and maintenance of the existent equipment and associated piping in the FCC Unit at Sines Refinery, in Portugal.

IDESA performed the design and fabrication engineering of the new items to be installed at the turnaround, which consisted mainly on the following works:

  • Installation of the new catalyst cooler and associated equipment
  • Installation of the new 2nd catalyst recirculation standpipe
  • Replacement of Regenerator-Reactor components
  • Replacement of expansion joints and spring hangers
  • Improvement of the flue gas lines supporting systems
  • Revamp of the flue gas cooler FC-E-11
  • Revamp of transfer line 42”-P-FC-006

This was IDIP’s second turnaround at this refinery after the one in 2014

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