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IDESA is expanding the range of services and products and has signed a collaboration agreement with Cryospain, a Spanish company leader in cryogenic engineering. Our joint experience and technical capacity mean new vacuum insulated vessels for LNG and other liquefied gas storage.

The cryogenic storage will come in a range of sizes and capacities, starting from 500m3 but with preference on 1000m3 and above.

IDESA & Cryospain: the sum of two companies’ experience and expertise

On one hand, IDESA brings its extensive experience in the manufacturing of large-scale pressure equipment. On the other, Cryospain’s high technology in cryogenic insulation, particularly in high vacuum. The combination means that we can bring cutting-edge technical solutions to market in record time.

In fact, IDESA and Cryospain are already working together on a first large-scale Bunkering Project in Spain owned by Endesa and located in Algeciras Bay(Cádiz) consisting of four 1000 m3 LNG tanks that IDESA will manufacture, transport, and install at site with the support of Cryospain, and


Endesa Los Barrios - IDESA



The entire design process is done in 3D using computer-aided design (Solid Edge) software.

Full mechanical design of the equipment will be undertaken by IDESA, including the FEA analysis, in accordance to applicable design code   (ASME, EN..etc) and technical specifications.

Meanwhile Cryospain will use its experienced technical team to undertake the complex piping system for the tanks connection that will be done in accordance to ASME B31.3 code and by an stress analysis using FEA software.

Cryospain will provide to the partnership their wide expertise in manufacturing of cryogenic equipment and will be responsible of the following:

  • helium leak tests for inner and outer tanks
  • installation & vacuum of the entire high-efficiency insulation system, essentially made up of expanded perlite
  • Supply of the equipment protection systems, such as the vent valves and pressure and vacuum safety valves.

And IDESA will carry out the manufacturing, testing and surface protection of the tanks in their facilities in Avilés.

Final installation at site of the four tanks as well as the vaporizers and their interconnecting piping will be performed by IDIP (Idesa Industrial Plants).

Manufaturing of cryogenic tanks

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